A World Class Data Center & State-of-the-Art Network Security

Physical and network security that let's you sleep at night

Located in an industrial park in Sacramento, CA, the building that houses our data center was built from the ground up to be extraordinarily robust and was designed to survive natural disasters and defeat human sabotage.  Our mirror site is located in Ashburn, Virginia and was designed and built to the same standards. The center is an SSAE 16 Certified Data Center.

Physical Security Header

Designed to survive: Earthquakes   |   Floods   |   Fire

Power System
Phase 3 Data Floor Overhead wide2N+2 redundancy – twice the redundancy of a standard Tier 3 data center   |   Direct feed from a local utility substation   |   Our own dedicated 69kV substation   |   Industrial generators   |   Uninterruptible power supplies   |   Custom power distribution units   |   24/7 operations engineers

Custom-built chiller   |   No-roof mounted equipment   |   No caustic fluids   |   Under-floor cooling   |   27 foot high ceilings channel heat well away from servers   |   On-site, fresh water well   |   Multiple cooling towers   |   24/7 operations engineers

Duplicate servers   |   Duplicate data storage devices   |   Triplicate internet backbone connections   |   Full mirror site 3000 miles away

Access SecurityIris Scanner
Multi-level security zones   |   Bio-metric iris scanning   |   Pin-code panels   |   Weight-sensitive portals   |   Under-floor intrusion detection   |   Full-coverage by surveillance cameras   |   24/7 security team



Adhere to DOD/DISA STIG Version 8 Protocols for Data Requiring High Security   |   Adhere to NSA Security Configuration Guide I33-010R02004 for Switches & Infrastructure Cisco certified engineers   |   All Cisco-based routers, switches & firewalls   |   Full-time network operations center   |   Active traffic monitoring



R-Series Dell PowerEdge Servers   |   SAS Drives   |   Dual and Quad CPU platforms with up to 32 cores

Routers & Switches
Data Floor Cage upclose100% Cisco enterprise grade infrastructure   |   Redundant downstream Ether-channel trunks to a high speed L2 fabric   |   720Gbps-backbone redundant core switches   |   Cisco CSS load-balancing

VOIP Telephony

True BGP & OSPF managed routing to multiple tier-1 providers   |   Speeds from 1Mbps to 30+ Mbps   |   Bursts up to 100 Mbps   |   24×7 two-tier NOC

We guarantee 100% uptime – no failures!

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