Protect Your Clients While Increasing Your Value

Deliver business solutions instead of managing hardware

As an IT consultant you constantly deal with two challenges: you’re expected to “know everything” and you have to spend a lot of your time dealing with hardware issues.  We understand because we’ve been there.

By moving your client to our data center you have backup.  Our team supports you with whatever you need for your client from CTO-level analysis and consultation, to providing VoIP solutions, to eliminating your hardware problems.  And we do it under your direction as part of your team.

Now you can provide your clients with secure, managed servers and/or enterprise level VoIP, either as services you provide, billed by you, or as services through us, billed by us. Either way, you provide more value and have fewer problems.

Spending hours searching the net for an answer or managing your client’s in-house servers or phone system are not only headaches, but they take your time away from making your client’s business more efficient, increasing his capabilities, and solving his business problems, which is where your real value lies. If you are waiting on hold, chasing around to get one more fan, or trying to figure out what type of memory to buy, you don’t have the time to implement calendar sharing, a better inventory management system, or enabling off-site employees. And few clients are willing to pay for more consulting hours.

Support Your Clients While You Maintain Control
This is where we come in.  On the technology side, you can talk with our CTOs, systems analysts, and technical & communications specialists to solve problems or develop/implement new applications/solutions.

On the hardware side, moving your client’s operations to our secure managed data center, offloads your server and phone problems while you stay in control.  As you know, from a security point-of-view, in-house servers are a huge risk and responsibility.  Systems can go down crippling your client’s business due to events out of your control:

IT Support Team

  • power surges or brownouts
  • component failures
  • burst pipes in the office above
  • cleaning crew turning fans off late at night
  • switch or router failures
  • bad memory DIMMs
  • hard drive errors
  • people tripping on cords

And when the system crashes, who is the owner going to call at 3am, and who is he likely to hold responsible?  His IT consultant.  Even if the client is understanding, you are on the hot seat to get things up and running again and with each hour that passes, your client will be more frantic and demanding as he watches his business lose money. By moving his operations to our secure, managed data center, you can avoid both the hassles and the hot seat, while still retaining control.



You manage us, we manage the problem.



Improve Your Relationship and Your Value
Maybe you’ve noticed that every time you approach a client about a new software package, adding capacity to his servers, upgrading software, or increasing bandwidth, you meet resistance. The reality is, business owners would rather spend money on boosting sales than on infrastructure. After a while your client can actually develop a knee-jerk negative reaction to you because he sees you as the bearer of bad tidings – whenever you talk to him, it costs him money!

Imagine the difference if your discussions were about deploying an improved CRM, the latest in inventory management, or enabling remote employees backed up with a thorough CTO-level analysis. Now you are helping your client improve his business, increase productivity, and boost profits by creating opportunities for him, and you have independent support for the solution!


  • Experienced technologists from CTOs to Communications experts to Hardware specialists
  • 100% Data Center Uptime – Guaranteed!
  • Enterprise-level VoIP systems
  • Expert  seamless migration
  • Hybrid environments – no problem!
  • You manage us – we manage the problem

IT Consultant Packages
We’ve designed comprehensive server & VoIP packages for qualified IT consultants that include:

  • Private prototyping/test environment
  • Special start-up arrangements for your client
  • Special pricing for you
Call us now for details!

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