A Different Technology Approach – Business Focused

Technology for business with a corner office perspective

Good CPA’s are hard to find, and over the years you’ve figured out how to spot the experienced ones. But when it comes to technology, maybe not so much? As an experienced businessperson you’ve learned that success comes from working with people who know what they’re doing and understand the big picture.  This is what is different in our approach.  Although we are technologists, we are also business people who have founded and run businesses and served as operating executives, so we look at every project from a business perspective. We know that technology for technology’s sake is a non-starter.

At DSX DATA, we appreciate the value and the impact of quality advice. We know how to ask the right questions in plain English; we know the importance of balancing planning with action; and we know how to stay out of your way so you can do your job first. But most importantly, when you call with a right-now-hair-on-fire crisis, we know how to get your chestnuts out of the fire first and ask the bigger questions later. We take pride in setting our priorities to your needs.

How We Work
What happens when you call DSX DATA depends entirely on what you need when you call. If you’re just looking for a sane answer on how to fix a problem, we’ll give you that in plain English. If you’re looking for a way into the 21st century that you won’t have to replace next year, we’ll help you get there too. If your server has crashed and your business is at a standstill, we’ll be there by your side as quickly as we can get there. In order to earn your loyalty, we know we have to be there to do both the easy jobs and the hard ones as well. And we know we can’t pick the order they come in.

The simple fact is, we have the knowledge, experience, and maturity necessary to help you navigate all of the challenges a modern business encounters in today’s technologically driven business world. We are technologists with a business viewpoint.

Loyalty is a two-way street. If you’d like to know why our clients are so loyal to us, call us and find out for yourself.

Case Studies
To illustrate our business-focused approach, click the button below to read the stories of three companies, each with a different challenge, and how we helped them.

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Our Pledge to You
Our job is to be your technological representative in a world where the choices you make can determine the future of your business. Our agenda is your agenda. We are aware of how manufacturers and trends can temporarily influence opinions using money and emotions. We are dedicated to helping you make dispassionate, practical, long-term, strategically-best technological decisions for your business. And because decisions are often made based upon the ability to execute, we stand behind our guidance with the expertise and professionalism necessary to get the results you expect.

To learn more about our Business-Focused approach to technology, call us now.