We work with you to develop a business-case oriented solution that will include a mixture of these phases: business analysis, systems analysis, any software development requirements, and system deployment.

Portions of the costs of these phases are amortized into your hosting fee so that you have an affordable, predictable monthly payment with no surprises or large capital outlays.

It would be convenient if we could provide you with a pricing table so that you could know in advance exactly how much your services would cost, but that approach puts the cart before the horse – neither of us knows what you are going to need yet.  What we can do is give you some guidelines:

  • 95% of DSX DATA’s clients pay less than $1,000 per month. This includes some or all of:
  • applications we’ve developed for them – many run their own apps
  • enterprise grade Internet bandwidth
  • server hosting
  • data storage & back-up
  • guaranteed 100% uptime
  • 24/7/365 support
  • We have some clients who pay less than $500.00/month for everything they need
  • We have some high-end enterprise clients who pay more than $5000.00/month

The variation in cost depends on what and how much is needed of things like:

  • Internet bandwidth
  • Server power
  • Data storage & backup requirements
  • Redundancy
  • Application development
  • Application / User support

Planning your budget is just as important as planning your technology.
Call us and we’ll work with you to develop an estimate.

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