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Rather than give you a laundry list of the things we do, below are some actual client situations and how we handled them.

When this client called us, his system was down because his server had failed and his business was dead in the water.
Deal with the problem at hand. When a client, or a prospective client is “down”, our top priority is restoring them to “Business As Usual” (BAU). Once the issue is resolved, we can discuss the cause of the problems and the approaches available to prevent future occurrences. We got the client up and running in just under 48 hours, then developed and deployed a more robust cloud-based application on our secure servers, and managed the transition with no interruption to his business.
This client was facing an expensive upgrade to his in-house computer system, both hardware and software. All of the advice he was getting involved significant cost, and undefined risk.
We worked with the software vendor to define a suitable cloud-based server environment, which we hosted on our secure servers, so there was no upfront investment. We then worked with the client and the software vendor to create a parallel staging platform so that the new application could be brought online and tested without interrupting the production system. When the go-live date arrived, the two systems were switched and the new system took over. Even though it was never needed, the legacy system was kept warm for 90 days after the switch, just in case.
This client had fallen behind technologically and it was beginning to affect his business because he could not upgrade his software applications and was missing out on the benefits of current technology.
We assessed the way his business uses technology, identified the applications that had the greatest impact on his business and identified the technologies that would most benefit the business. This formed the basis for a phased transition to cloud-based applications, with a priority on those that would have the most immediate impact. In this client’s case, an organizational resistance to change had been partially responsible for the lack of progress. We worked with the client’s staff to include them in the planning and deployment – increasing their confidence and helping them welcome the changes the new systems would bring.
This client had had so many bad experiences with consultants coming in to fix a problem, but actually making things worse, that he was paranoid about letting anyone touch his system.  However, he knew that it was only a matter of time before it would crash and bring his business to a halt.
Transparency and clear communication are vital to all business relationships. Unfortunately, technology suppliers have a tendency to neglect the client in favor of the technology. We understand that tendency and we believe you will immediately notice that working with us is a different experience.   For this client, after understanding both the way his business worked and his business objectives, we mapped out a step-by-step plan to first move him to a stable computing environment and then develop and implement new software that took advantage of current technology.  At each step along the way, we spent time explaining to the client and his team exactly what we were going to do, how we were going to do it, and what safety measures we had set up to ensure that they would not be without their computer systems.

A Better Approach
We solve problems like the ones above for small and medium businesses with common sense solutions designed around your business needs.  As you can see, we do this by putting business rather than technology first.  So, you can focus on managing your business and your IT consultant or team can focus on solving problems that support your business.

Taking Back Control
Whether you have a part-time IT consultant or a full-time team, it’s impossible for them to cover all of the technology bases.  Since they are involved in day-to-day operations, it’s also difficult for them to take the “corner office” high-level view of a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in analyzing and planning for major systems and a multi-year technology roadmap. DSXDATA helps you take control of your technological direction and strategy. Also, the time your IT team spends caring for equipment – upgrading software, trying to keep up with network security, figuring out what new hardware to order – doesn’t really contribute to your business. When DSXDATA becomes part of your team, you can focus 100% on your business.

Seamless Migration
Moving your website and business applications to our care is quick and easy.  Our experienced team works with your IT personnel to assess your hardware and software needs and develop migration and test plans to ensure continuity throughout the process.

We know that our service is critical to your business, so we provide support to you 24 hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.  Our team is made up of experienced senior and mid-level professionals with specialties in systems analysis, programming, communications, operating systems, networks, and data security.  Our first priority is making sure that your applications are available and taking care of business.

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